A Sturucture In Chaos

Miracle of the six-pointed star

What was asked of you is not it with this?


The joy and happiness to you who I met!
Hexagram ceramic head "Miracle Hexa"


Numerical +19 of wave energy or grace of "God"?
Alone there with this number, I would like to share with as many people as possible.

And structure of the universe!

1) 透明アクリルで正六面体(CUBE)を作りました。

1) I made a (CUBE) regular hexahedron clear acrylic.
Pearl ball is the center point.
It is a model of the universe cube, three-dimensional.

2) 一方の頂点から手前に、菱形に見える3面に対角線を引きます。

2)On the other hand, In front from the vertex , draw a diagonal line on three sides to be able to see the diamond.
It creates an equilateral triangle.
Line triple represents symbolically the time to go to resonance expansion.

3) もう一方の頂点から見てみます。

3)I'll take a look from the top of the other.
I can see on the surface that was under.
When you pull the diagonal, you created a reverse equilateral triangle.
It front and back, that it is six-pointed star consists of two poles of yin and yang is self-explanatory structure of the universe!

エピローグ 「初め」以前


※「超絶」なる「神」はカバラでアイン(AYIN)と呼ばれる。アインは「無物」(No-Thing-「無」を意味する。アインは「存在」を超えており、如何なる-物(any-thing)からも切り離されて区別されている。アインは「絶対無」(Absolute Nothing)である。


ヘブライ語でアイン、ソフは無限を意味する。アイン、ソフは、アインの「ゼロ」に対する「1」であるというのと同じように、アインの「絶対無」に対して、それは「絶対全」(Absolute All)である。

アインとアイン ソフの呼び名以外、如何なる属性も「絶対」には与えられない。神は神であり、神と比較できるものは何もないのである。

伝統(聖伝)に依れば、神は神を見たいと思い、この神の「意志」は象徴的に現れて光となり、それが無所(nowhere)に輝き、全所(つまり、至るところ)(everywhere)に輝いたということだ。そうして、アイン、ソフ、オール(EN SOF AUR)、つまり神の意志の「無限光」は「絶対全」(AbsoluteAll)の隅から隅まで全知した。神は、神を眺めるために、すべてを知りたもう(神の全知)地点から離れようと初めて思った。これを成し遂げるために「絶対全」の中で収縮が為された、と伝えられている。つまり、収縮した結果、そこに場が作られ、その場に「存在(界)」の鏡が顕われるようにしたのである。



さらに、、、、 もし神が神を見んとした「意志」を翻したら、宇宙は消え失せ、「未顕現の存在」が占める空間は満たされ(つまり、閉じられ)、その空間は「全」と「無」の中へと再び消滅していくことであろう。










「A Sturucture In Chaos」 Epilogue "Start" before

Definition of God was stated as follows in The Tree of Life, "the universe of Kabbalah", Zeb Ben Simon Harevu~i Author of (new company set sail).

※ become "transcendence", "God" is called (AYIN) Ain in Kabbalah. . Ain, which means "Mumono" the (No-Thing-"no" is more than "present", any Ein -. Ain that are distinguished by being separated thing from (any-thing) "absolute No "is (Absolute Nothing).
Ain nor downward to upward. The Ain is not a dynamic state is neither a stationary state.
it is not even anywhere where Ain is standing. Because Ein because not standing.

Ain is not a silence, but also is silent. (Imaginary) sky Ain nor (void). In spite of it, 1 Ain, software called (ENSOF) emerges from the 0-free state of things Ain (no physical properties) of (no-thingness).

Ain in Hebrew, software means infinite. As of Ain for the "zero" and that it is of "1", of Ain for the "absolutely nothing", it is "absolutely all" Ain, software is a (Absolute All).
"Transcendence of God" is the Ain, Ain, is a software "inherent God" is (the universe omnipresent God). The two "free" also (Nothing) "all" (All) may be the same.

Nickname other than the Ainsofu and Ain, it is not given to the "absolute" any attribute. God is a God, it is no longer is nothing that can be compared to God.

I thought, according to the (HijiriDen) tradition, God want to see God, this divine "will" becomes a light appear symbolically, it shines jail in (nowhere), (that is, to reach all sites place) It's that won the (everywhere). Then, Ain, software, All (EN SOF AUR), that is every inch "absolutely all" of (AbsoluteAll) to the omniscience of God's will "infinite light". God, in order to look at God, I thought for the first time move away from the point (omniscience of God) anymore to know all. It is said contraction is, was made in the "absolute all" in order to accomplish this. In other words, as a result of the contraction, the field is created there, mirror "existence (field)" and is was as sensible break in place.

God is always seen God in that it reflects itself in the "mirror", a "presence (field)" So is the mirror that reflects the God.

Place where it was drilled contraction of God in this (act) 's finite. That is, as compared with that by keeping the fly "absolute total", is in fact limited to it. It is said by this contraction act called "Dzu~imudzumu", said to be the space of one point a small just in the midst of absolute void that "the presence of non-manifestation (field)," as is, was brought.

In addition,,,, if you rebelled was that God does seen God if the "will", the universe disappeared, (ie, closed) space that "the presence of non-manifestation" occupied is filled, the space is "total" It will be gradually extinguished and again into the the "no".
The world is than is maintained by the "will and grace" of God. ※

I hope you have you understand? It is a thing that is a source of the definition of God leading to modern.
I have never seen anything that says plainly the existence of God than this. Still, I am quite hard to understand!

Let's follow from the three-dimensional model of my Miracle Hexa, this.

1 Ainsofu "total" of (All) (one point) is struck by the will of God in the place and there is only (zero), to want to look at herself "absolutely nothing" 0.
- The center of the Miracle Hexa It is (point).
In that (triple ○), "absolute all" exists explosion begins with the ignition!

It means to create a three-dimensional space, which is in the form of a six-pointed star.
Six-pointed star triple represents the time.

In other words, "absolutely nothing" Ain is why I have been shrinking.

More than it is "transcendence", "God" Ain (AYIN), the presence of a "absolutely nothing", "presence of God" is outside of the six-pointed star of Hexa spread forever.
Inside in the form of six-pointed star is the world "existence (field)" of a finite "place" is a mirror.

We it is to exist here!
As long as God would want to see your "intention" is followed, this world "place" I exist.
When God's "intention" was Fluttered, "place" is closed. This world thing is to disappear!

Finally, the shape of Miracle Hexa If represents the composition of the universe, inside the six-pointed star, energy gathered "existence (field)" and "place", it is filled to the It is of course!

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I am the image of the miracle of six-pointed star, "the moment of Creation," "Shapes of God" and "the structure of the universe."


Please try meditation to leave to mind this image. I gives you peace of mind and wonder!

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